What are Underwater services?

These are services offered below the water that involves going deep in the sea water either by deep diving or using sub- marines and Auvs( autonomous underwater vehicle). While the former method is short term the latter is used for long term performances and works well for works taking several weeks or months to complete. There are a number of services involved here with the common ones being:

A) Salvaging

This is the work of saving or recovering ships or its cargo after the ship has sunk under the water. This can be either short term or take long based on the size of the ship and its cargo. The deep divers will assist to first locate the wreckage before embarking on retrival services. As different objects get hauled into the water bodies over time, cleaning is needed once in a while to mitigate the dangers such objects might have on marine life. Underwater salvaging is thus life-saving for most creatures that have their habitats in these water bodies.

B) Hull bottom cleaning

This is cleaning and removing the sub. It requires high expertise to ensure not to tamper or mess the boat hull. For marine vessels, hull cleaning is among the fundamental underwater services needed to ensure the smooth operation of the vessel. Hull cleaning is mostly done on the underparts and propellers of the vessel, which refers to foul removal. Fouling occurs due to water friction with the vessel and can have detrimental effects on propellers, sonars, and other sensors mounted on the hull. Fouling also has a great impact on the speed of the vessel and can cause turbulence and noise. Hull cleaning can be done by underwater service providers such as divers or land-operated ROVs.

C) Geophysical survey

This is also known as seismic survey and is mostly done for exploration of natural gas and petroleum. It is a way of assisting scientists to determine what is in the ground which is more of ultra sound for the ground.