Types of Underwater services

There is a wide range of underwater services that can be carried out by the professional. For example, an underwater inspection can be used for various reasons, such as to find damaged parts in equipment submerged underwater. A diver may also carry out salvage work or underwater repairs when needed.

Underwater inspections are essential if one is to determine the condition of submerged equipment, like pipelines or oil rigs. It can also help to find out the reasons behind water leakage and other damage.

An underwater inspection is usually carried out by a diver who has received specialized training for this job. After carrying out the inspection work, the diver will be able to give recommendations for any required changes or repairs that need to be done.

Salvage work is done to recover any equipment or goods submerged in water. It requires divers who are competent and experienced to carry out the recovery process. It may involve cutting heavy objects, placing grappling irons on them, attaching chain hoists, and winding them onto a barge for transport back to shore.

Underwater repairs are most often needed in different types of situations. They may include pipelines and drilling equipment, underwater machinery and structures, ships and submarines, or watertight doors. (https://www.kristiansandbygg.no/betongsaging) They can be difficult to carry out so you should only hire a company that employs experienced and competent divers.

Remediation services concern activities to clean up areas where pollution has occurred or prevent it from happening. (https://www.kristiansandbygg.no/kjemiskinjeksjon) One example of a remediation service would be the construction of an oil platform to extract crude oil from beneath the sea, as well as the operation and maintenance thereof.(https://www.kristiansandbygg.no/) Oil platforms require a huge degree of expertise, as they are usually located far out at sea and away from any possible supervision, which increases the risk that mistakes could happen.

  • Submarine Services are underwater vessels that include submarines, unmanned autonomous vehicles. They can be nuclear or conventional powered. They provide capabilities that under some circumstances may not be available using surface ships or aircraft.
  • Seafloor services are used to search for minerals, map the seafloor, study the seabed, and carry out research.
  • Other underwater services that can be provided include:

o Hydrographic surveys
o Geological surveys
o Archaeological surveys
o Environmental impact assessments
o Coastal erosion
o Anti-pollution measures
o Underwater cable and pipeline laying.

  • Commercial services that can be provided include but are not limited to:
    o Civil engineering for ports, bridges, breakwaters, and other works;
    o Search and rescue;
    o Salvage operations;
    o Fire fighting;
    o Anti-pollution and recovery operations.
  • Military underwater services can include:
    o Underwater surveillance and reconnaissance;
    o Mine countermeasures;
    o Underwater assault and beach reconnaissance.


As you can see, there are many underwater services that professionals can provide. All of these services are very significant and none of them should be overlooked.